Our wholesale department concentrates on large consumers of our products. We offer all common types of coal available on the market, both in large quantities (by ship) and in small quantities (by road transport), under the best conditions.

We import the premium anthracite products of the Englisch mining group Celtic Energy (Celtic, Celtic Quality, Black Diamond), the German anthracite Ibbenbüren, and the smokeless ovoids Starcite coming from the UK. In addition we distribute also anthracites from other origins together with other solid fuels, like petroleum cokes, blends, lignite briquettes, bituminous and high volatile coal, coke, blacksmith coal, pellets, firewood and kindling wood.

Kolen Tomar has its own transport company. We have several trucks (10 tonnes – 15 tonnes – 20 tonnes – 30 tonnes) that are equipped with all possible systems for unloading. Via separation, delivering four different kinds of coal at the same time, is no problem for us. One truck is equipped with a pneumatic unloading system, which makes it possible to blow coal into a silo or bunker, if necessary.

At quayside in Bruges, we can load and unload motor vessels and coasters.  We have 40.000m² of storage capacity (inside, outside) separate boxes, two screening installations with the possibility of wet screening, this all together with an up to date bagging installation.

Herewith we guarantee that our customers receive always clean and well screened coal without fines.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



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